Placement Guarantee

For retained and engagement fee projects, we guarantee our work 100%.

We don’t believe in guaranteeing things we have no control over.  There are several steps in the recruiting and selection process that are beyond our control.  For example:

  • We do not determine when a company needs to hire a new person.
  • We do not make the hiring decision and cannot guarantee that a hiring manager will choose the best candidate for the required role.
  • We do not manage the new employee.
  • We do not assess the quality of the work performed by the new hire.

As professional recruiters, it’s our responsibility to first identify and then convince the most qualified candidates of the client company’s value proposition, and then to facilitate their transition to our client.  When we are retained, we guarantee that we will present candidates that we both agree are qualified for the role.  If we fail to deliver this in the predetermined time frame, we will refund your entire retainer.  No other firm offer this type of guarantee. 

We always deliver on our commitments.